Treating Psoriasis

treating psoriasis medicationTreating psoriasis can be hit or miss. Psoriasis is a skin disease that afflicts more than 5 million people in the U.S., and yet psoriasis treatment still has a long way to go before anyone can claim they are successful at curing psoriasis completely. Some drugs can work for you but will not for others. However, that is not to say that medications for psoriasis are ineffective, they can work pretty well. Now, let us go deeper in to psoriasis treatment.

Treating Psoriasis – What It Means

Psoriasis treatment is basically the process of completely curing a person with psoriasis permanently. But what is available right now provides alleviation of the condition or temporary treatment of the disease. To put it more precisely, there is no way psoriasis can be permanently and completely cured now, but it can be managed, and with continuous medication its reoccurrence can be prevented. There are actually various treatments for psoriasis that can be acquired over the counter or with prescription, and administered by a medical practitioner or on your own.

Means of Treating Psoriasis

A. Medications

Most medications target the immune system which is the prime mover of this disease. They are either used topically, injected or ingested orally.

Injectables: Psoriasis injections are a common remedy for this disease. Examples of injectable drugs are amevive, enbrel, humira, simponi and stelara.

Topical Agents: There are topical agents like clobetasol, tazarotene or flourandrenolide cream.

Oral Medicine: There are also oral drugs like triamcinolone or prednisone.

B. Alternative Therapy

There are home remedies and other therapies that may help in dealing with psoriasis.

Massage: Some people have found massages helpful, especially those with psoriatic arthritis because it helps relieve joint pain.

Tumeric Remedy: This is a spice that is now available as dietary supplements. It can help relieve pain, inflammation and swelling associated with psoriasis.

Phototherapy: This is a therapy that uses ultraviolet light B to heal lesions. This can also be used in tandem with other treatments. Another example of this therapy is the PUVA which is a joint effort between psoralens and ultraviolet light A.

These are not the only treatment available for psoriasis patients there are new medications and therapies that are being introduced by researchers and medical experts nowadays. It is very important that those who have this condition try not to deal with it alone, they should seek the help of experts because it is necessary that somebody who is well-versed with this disease is with you to help you get through it. Lastly, do not lose hope, experts have not given up on searching for new methods in treating psoriasis. Keep fighting!


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