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Find Out How to Manage that Extra Sweat

Everyone exercises all over the world, bearing in mind that if we sweat then we lose the fats and the few extra pounds. But it is a bit irritating when you have excessive sweating. Just what do I exactly mean by excessive sweating? Think about this, you exercise to sweat it out, right? Well in excessive sweating, you do not do anything but you still sweat. Not a pretty picture, right?

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is usually a condition that is normal and actually is a good thing for your body. There can be excessive sweating on the palms of your hands, your feet, and on your armpits or underarms. So even though excessive sweating is a natural thing everyone goes through, no body actually appreciates it as may cause embarrassment as well as unwanted body odor.

What causes excessive sweating?

I’ll try to explain this as simple as I can. Excessive sweating happens because of your sweat glands. Apparently, it does its job too well that is why excessive sweating happens. When your body temperature rises, your body secretes sweat to cool your body down. Excessive sweating can also be triggered by taking medications, menopause, having low blood sugar, leukemia, an overactive thyroid, lymphoma, evan a heart attack, and other body ailments and infectious diseases.

How to stop excessive sweating?

Everyone has tried to stop excessive sweating and the most effective one I have seen so far is to use a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat. But if you really really want your excessive sweating to stop for good, then there are definitely ways to do it.

  • Some doctors recommend that you take an antiperspirant medication. These are actually available over the counter.
  • You can undergo surgery, too to remove some of your sweat glands. Surgery can effectively stop your excessive sweating permanently.
  • You can also go through botox. Yes, actually botox, which is a procedure that takes off wrinkles, can actually also reduce your excessive sweating.

If none of these look appealing to you, then you can resort to home remedies that may prevent and/or stop your excessive sweating such as:

  • Taking a bath everyday and making sure you scrub the important parts of your body.
  • Using shoes and socks that are created from natural materials that permit your feet to breathe which may reduce or even stop your feet from sweating.
  • Always dry your feet after you take a bath because germs tend to root from damp places.
  • Relax. Your excessive sweating may be caused by your hectic lifestyle so you might want to try some activities that can take off the stress on your body.