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Foods That Help You Lose Weight – 5 Awesome Foods for You

“But food makes me fat! How can it help me lose weight?” is what you’re thinking of right now after reading the title. Artificial sugar and complex carbohydrates found in food cause weight gain and build unwanted fat.

If you take the time to read this article, you’ll discover the 5 amazing and simple foods that help you lose weight:

Spicy food – A lot of my friends complain about getting satisfied early when eating spicy food. This is because we automatically drink water and consume less. If you can handle spice, feel free to add them to your menu every once in a while; at least it keeps your cravings in check.

Sugarfree gum – Sugarfree gum is another great way of keeping your mouth busy, appetite satiated and cravings for bigger food in check.

Hot drinks – Hot drinks like coffee, green tea, slim milk are great at stopping us from feasting on fattening foods. When we’re bored, we sometimes eat in order to keep us occupied. Luckily, hot beverages are better at keeping us occupied than eating.

Fiber – Fiber is a great addition to your menu without the unwanted calories; insoluble fiber like whole wheat pastries, bran, fruits, vegetables and even cereal are perfect for satisfying your cravings without worrying about calories. On the other hand, soluble fibers functions by maintaining and stabilizing our blood sugar levels which can help control our hunger and cravings; examples of soluble fibers are apples, strawberries and chickpeas.

Grapes – Last but not the least, grapes. Grapes contain insoluble fiber and are delicious. They can satisfy our cravings but take note that they contain sugar so eating a lot of them can hinder your progress; too much of a good thing is never good.

Food need not taste awful just to help you lose weight; with a balanced diet of simple sugar and carbohydrates, add some fiber and voila! You just created your own healthy menu. Check out Isabelle’s video on sensible weight loss. She shares the best tips about weight loss EVER!

Herbal Weight Loss – Effective Ingredients

herbal weight loss ingredientsSince weight loss is everyone’s uphill struggle, you might want to try herbal weight loss. There are a lot of quick fix dietary programs and products which are available in the market today but they are not without risk; what good is losing weight when you’re putting your body at risk, right? The sad truth is, a lot of people, perhaps even you, are more inclined into purchasing dietary supplements with artificial ingredients.

Herbal Weight Loss Programs and Supplements

Anyone looking into losing weight is always torn between taking a fitness program or a dietary supplement; the truth is the success of fitness programs complement well with the success of dietary products and vice versa. Each program and product will have its own success on your body, but limited. But no fitness program or diet product will offer the same success being offered by herbal weight loss solutions.

Herbal Weight Loss Ingredients – Working Wonders for Your Body

  • Chitosan – Chitosan comes from the chitin found in shellfish and they come in either pill or capsule form. Chitosan works as a fat inhibitor and flushes them out before they’re absorbed by the body.
  • Citrus – Citrus, if ingested as a fruit, vitamin or juice, can trigger weight loss by reducing cholesterol and improving your digestion. Fruit juices are an excellent alternative to sugar beverages because of their low-calorie content and their natural sugars will increase your body’s metabolism and energy level.
  • Green tea – Green tea is an ancient weight loss remedy with a nutrient called catechins which detoxifies the body and burns fat.
  • Spirulina – Spirulina is extracted from algae and is taken in vitamin form. Spirulina can suppress your appetite without decreasing your energy levels.

Like any other medication, natural dietary supplements need to be taken in moderation. Another way of promoting herbal weight loss without taking any supplements is to go on an organic diet by increasing your natural sugar intake and simple carbohydrates through fruits and vegetables. Cutting down on your artificial sugars and carbohydrates can have significant impact on your weight loss. I want you to watch this video and I promise you’ll never look at any other fitness or diet program the same again.


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