Shoulder And Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Do you feel a dull, aching pain in your shoulder? Or a pain in your neck? Are you wondering what it might be? Or what are its causes, symptoms and treatment? Then, let us explore some possible causes and get you some well-deserved relief.


Soft tissue injury is the most common cause for pain in the neck and shoulder. It can be due to whiplash or from an injury to that region. It can also be caused by degenerative arthritis, this is characterized by a feeling of pinching on the nerves of the spine. The following are other causes for neck and shoulder pain:

-Broken collarbone


-Heart attacks

-Broken shoulder blade

-Rotator cuff injuries

-Shoulder or A-C separation

-Whiplash injury


-Gallbladder disease

-Any cause of inflammation under the diaphragm


1. A sharp pain is felt, it can be like a burning sensation or a stabbing ache.

2. Difficulty of movement can be related to pain or muscle injury.

3. If a nerve is affected, you might experience extreme pain or no feeling at all, sensation is altered.

4. When a blood vessel is obstructed, areas like the hand will feel cold because not enough blood is reaching it.

5. Skin color on a part of your body may change. For example, a blue or white tinge on your arm, may indicate that blood is not getting there, so a blood vessel might have been blocked or injured. If there is inflammation or infection, redness can be seen on the area.

6. There may be a swelling on a specific part or the whole portion of the arm.

7. Irregular positioning of bony structures may be evident.


Injuries that are not severe and are known may be treated at home. Here, are some tips on how to provide shoulder and neck pain relief it:

1. You should rest. Do not strain yourself or the injured part of your body. During the earlier days of your injury, move it as little as possible but as days pass, gradually move it and exercise it regularly.

2. Place a cold compress on the affected area to soothe it.

3. Prop yourself up to reduce pain.

4. Take pain relievers when pain becomes unbearable.

5. Do not apply hot compress during the first week because it can increase swelling and pain.

Besides these remedies, you can also try undergoing inversion therapy using an
inversion equipment. It has done wonders for a lot of people. But, for shoulder and neck pain which are severe, especially if the cause is not known, it is best if you consult your doctor first. You may have a serious condition, and self-medicating it might make it worse.