Rowing Machine Benefits and Workout Tips

rowing machine benefits fitnessIf you haven’t heard of the rowing machine benefits before, then grab hold of your seat and read on. But first, let me ask you some questions:

Are you tired of all the boring exercise machines out there? Are you looking for more a more challenging exercise regimen which you can do in the comfort of your home? Do you want to try something like rowing, but do not have the time to go outdoors?

If you’re answers are ‘yes’, then you’re in luck as I have a treat for you! You can now do an outdoor activity in your home. You can have a rigorous exercise at home. You can now take part in the excitement of rowing. How? By using, a rowing machine, otherwise known as an indoor rower.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines were made to simulate rowing action. They were made for exercise and/or training. It has also been recognized as a sport. Nowadays, indoor rowers are called ergometers, referring to a term used for a machine which measures how much work is performed. A great example of it would be the Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

Understanding Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing machine benefits are numerous. First, in a single stretch the rowing machines work on large group of muscles like the thighs, arm and leg. The entire body gets toned when you use a rowing machine. Second, rowing strengthens upper body muscles, the heart and lungs. Third, it burns more calories and builds lean muscle. Fourth, it is not stressful to joints, resistance and speed can also be adjusted, so the body will not be overstressed. Lastly, it reduces stress and is great for beginners.

Tips for Using Rowing Machines

There several things you need to remember when you start your rowing machine workout.

1. Do not put too much stress on your back by leaning forward or backward too much.

2. Getting used to rowing takes some time, increasing the rigor of your exercise should be done gradually. Be patient and do not start too quickly or row too long; this can cause muscle injury. If you are a first timer, it is best if you have a trainer.

3. Start rowing slowly. If you are a beginner, start with 10 minutes of rowing then, gradually increase the amount of rowing time.

Stay Healthy Through Rowing Machine Benefits

Remember, rowing is a great way to strengthen your heart muscles and build your strength. It is easy to learn, and is not stresful to your body, but you have to make sure that you warm up before you start. More importantly, make sure that you are executing the technique properly, so that you can make the most of it, and prevent injury.


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