Psoriasis: Pictures Of A Ravaged Skin

If you have seen photos of people with psoriasis, you would have been, as harsh as it sounds, disgusted? What does it look like? To answer you, let me show you this picture:

Psoriasis Photos

A Closer Look At Psoriasis

I apologize for shocking you with that picture, you see, I wanted to show you how horrible it is. I think describing it will not bring the right picture in mind, so I chose to show you a picture instead. Those were pictures of people with psoriasis.

What is psoriasis?

This is a condition that began with a malfunction in the immune system which allowed the rapid production of cells, evident on the skin, and on the nails. This is a long-term condition that occurs at different levels of severity.

Is it contagious?

No, as stated, this is an autoimmune disease, merely a manifestation of the massive and rapid production of new cells. This is not caused by a bacteria or virus.

What causes psoriasis?

In all honesty and humility, no one has completely understood yet what causes psoriasis. However, a lot of professionals believe that there is a genetic factor to it. Hormonal as well as environmental factor also play a part in exacerbating this disease.

There are also two conjectures as to why this disease came to be. First is the belief that it is merely a rapid and mass reproduction of cells. Second is the belief that this all started in the immune system.

Classification of Psoriasis

Psoriasis vulgaris: This condition has affected a lot of people, in fact, this is the most common psoriasis. It appears as a scaly, inflamed skin on a particular area of the skin.

Erythrodermic Psoriasis: This condition affects the whole body. The skin throughout the body is inflamed and exfoliates a lot.

Pustular:This psoriasis classification is seen as elevated areas of the skin with pus. The area surrounding the bump is reddish and sensitive.

All this information about psoriasis has probably overwhelmed you, but it is necessary to inform the public about this because a lot of people have the same misonception about this as they do with AIDS. They think that just by having skin to skin contact with people afflicted with this disease they will acquire it too. So, people who have psoriasis are ostracized or are looked at as a freak by ignorant individuals. It is a good thing that the National Psoriasis Foundation is there to support psoriasis victims. On your part, the best thing you can do is to help in disseminating information and increasing awareness of the public about psoriasis to lessen the social stigma it deliberately or ignorantly inflicts upon psoriasis victims.