Aching Back Nerves: Neck And Shoulder Pain Causes

neck and shoulder pain causesAs we grow, one of the physical problems we encounter is neck and shoulder pain. There are a lot of possible causes for them. Let us discuss one of them, the slipped disk.

The name actually does not describe appropriately this condition. This condition happens when the disk, which is like a cushion filled with jelly-like substance, that absorbs shock to the spine is torn or ruptured. When there is a split in the disk, and its jelly oozes out, causing pressure on the spinal cord or nerve resulting in a feeling of being pinched in the back.

What are its causes?

Slipped disc is caused by the wear and tear of the disk due to jobs that require a lot of sitting. It can also be caused by injury to the lumbar disk. Finally, strain and trauma can also cause slip disk.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Symptoms

1. Slip disk in the neck, often exhibit pain in that region, numbness and a tingling sensation.

2. Slip disk in the lower back produce the same sensations as in the neck except that it is located in the legs, feet, buttocks, anus or genitals.

3. Sciatica is also a symptom of slip disk.

4. Moving becomes painful.

5. Inability to control bowel or bladder movements.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment

Take pain relievers for neck and shoulder pain, apply hot or cold compress, and limit your activity. But, if pain persists for more than a few days, and you have a fever with abdominal or chest pain; you must go and see your physician.

As a last resort, depending on the severity, some people are advised to have a spinal surgery to treat this condition. A spinal surgery, however, generates a lot of reluctance and fear from people. After all, it is your spine we are talking about here, a little mishap while tinkering with it, could result in paralysis or worse, death.

You must be terrified, right? After all, you have no other choice but to follow this course of action.

Well, fear no more, because there may not be a need for you, to let yourself go under the knife. You actually have an alternative, and that is, inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is a revolutionary therapy for relieving back pain and improving blood circulation using an inversion table.

Using this method, you might be able to solve all your back problems such that it will be unnecessary for you to go into surgery!


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