Eczema Vs. Psoriasis

One of the banes of a person’s existence, especially a woman’s, is the chaos that bad skin causes them, particularly noticeable conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

To elaborate, eczema is a skin condition where the outer layer of the skin is inflamed. This is a branch of dermatitis and is loosely affected by other skin conditions including rashes that recur and skin that is dry. Dermatitis and eczema should not be confused with each other because the former refers to an acute condition while the latter means a chronic one. Conversely, psoriasis is a condition that is related to our immune system. This happens because for some strange reason our immune system is told that they need to rapidly make a lot of new cells and it results in psoriasis.

However, despite their differences they are alike because they are both skin conditions that are blatantly obvious and they both consequently subject their bearer to a social stigma that is almost palpable in its shame. Both conditions cause red, scaly rashes on the skin. The difference is that eczema sometimes excretes fluid through the skin. Eczema and psoriasis can be found all over the body, particularly the limbs, but eczema is found at the inner part of the arms and posterior portion of the knee while psoriasis is found at the posterior part of the elbow and anterior part of the knee. People who have these conditions are often ostracized even if their condition is not contagious people think it is because of how awful it looks on their skin. People who have had these skin conditions have reported that they went through depression and even social withdrawal.

It becomes not only a physical problem but an emotional one and thus, it needs immediate attention and treatment. But to be honest there is no known cure for either. Both conditions only have solutions for the worsening of the condition and managing it but none of them have definite cures because medical experts have yet to discover the real cause of eczema and psoriasis.

Thus, it is important for the public to be sensitive about this condition. It is important to educate and inform others about the effects of these, oftentimes, socially crippling disease. It is my fervent wish to find that those who have this condition able to mingle with others without discrimination.

Duct Tape And Apple Cider Vinegar Wart Removal

wart removal methodsIf you think that wart removal might be the answer to that teeny, tiny bump on your skin, it probably is. Warts are probably one of the most annoying conditions that could settle on our skin. Why? Well, duh, they look ugly, they multiply, they are difficult to remove, and they are infectious. What more can a person want from a skin terror!

Nevertheless, warts are not just a figment of our overactive morbid imaginations, they are a reality. So, they must be conquered and dealt with. There are actually various ways in wart removal: one of which is through occlusion therapy using duct tapes. This is one of those wart treatment you can do at home.

Occlusion Therapy – Duct Tape Wart Removal

Materials Needed:

The first thing you do is to acquire the necessary equipment. This is actually quite easy because the things you need are most likely already in your home. You need duct tape, I am referring to the gray one not the brown one, because it is more adhesive. You also need an emery board or a pumice. Then maybe basin and water, and that’s about it.


1. You cover your wart with the duct tape.
2. Let the cover remain on it for six days or around 156 hours.
3. Replace the duct tape if it slips off.
4. Remove the tape after 156 hours.
5. Soak the area target area with water. .
6. Gently remove the skin of the wart with an emery board or a pumice.
5. After one day, or 24 hours do steps 1-6 again until wart is completely removed.

But there are warts which are preferably treated in other ways, like molluscum warts and genital warts for example. For your information, and for the benefit of those who do not know what a mollusum wart or a genital wart is: a molluscum wart is caused by a DNA pox virus, it is shaped like a dome, looks like a pearl and fleshy in color; conversely, genital wart sare found on the genitals. A possible remedy for these too aside from using the duct tape, is the use of apple cider vinegar or a tea tree oil for wart removal.

Apple Cider Vinegar Wart Removal

Materials Needed:

For this simple procedure you only need apple cider vinegar solution, a band aid and a cotton.


1. Soak the cotton in apple cider vinegar.
2. Put the cotton on top of the wart.
3. Let the cotton remain on over the wart or affected area using a band-aid.
4. Let it remain overnight or 24 hours if you like.
5. Change the cotton and band-aid every night.
6. Repeat procedure 1-5 until wart is thoroughly removed.

It is up to you what method you choose but make sure you consult an expert first.


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Get Rid Of Moles: Your Options

how to get rid of moles methodsMoles are a formation made up of abnormal tissue and most often that not, people nowadays are finding ways on how to get rid of moles on their body even if some people refer to them as beauty marks. There was a time when having a mole was the “in” thing. Some people had these beauty marks tattooed on some part of their body, notably the face.

Although, there are some who still view it as a sign of beauty most people are disturbed by their presence, especially if its somewhere people can easily see it. Perhaps, this is because we now see it as a possible symptom of the deadly disease cancer. Regardless of the reason, more people are now looking for ways on how to get rid of moles on their body and the medical field has taken it upon themselves to give these people the following solutions.

How to Get Rid Of Moles – Methods To Choose From


Some people who found the answer on how to get rid of moles use this method even though it can be painful and may result in a scar. A scalpel is used to take away the mole and then, the surgeon will stitch the open wound to close it. The process might sound really painful but with painkillers your pain is actually minimized if not eradicated.


This is similar to a simple surgery, the difference is in the surgical tool used. For this method an electic needle is used to remove the mole but in this case, they go deeper and eliminate the chances of the mole growing back. Although stitching the wound may not be necessary with this procedure, scarring may still occur.

Laser Surgery

For people whoare scared of the procedural pain involved and want to find the least pain and scarring on how to get rid of moles, this option might just be for you. This method gives you the least pain and scarring. The mole area will be given an anesthetic to numb the area and then the laser is used to destroy the abnormal growth without damagining the surrounding tissue.


This method uses liquid nitrogen. This can cause a scar and pain, but this is a stong chemical so it should not be used for more than one week on one location.


These are over-the-counter medications containing acids that can help you remove moles even at home. This can take a long time, maybe 6 weeks, and it can destroy other tissues besides the mole.

Deciding on How to Get Rid of Moles

Regardless of what method you use, there will always be drawbacks. The pain and scarring that involves an operation like this can never be fully eliminated even if it can be minimized. Mole removal is not easy although it is not a complicated procedure. In the end, the choice is really up to YOU!


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The Best Heart Rate Monitor

best heart rate monitor deviceFor any fitness buff or athlete, the best heart rate monitor watches are a necessary tool for them to keep track of their progress. The problem is with the numerous products available out there which heart rate monitor should you buy and what are the benefits of a heart rate monitor.

The Need to Use the Best Heart Rate Monitor

The best heart rate monitor simply does what its name suggests: it tracks the beating of your heart and tells you about it. It sounds like a simple enough job, but it is a simple activity which allows you to reap more. When you monitor your heart rate, you can develop a pacing which will give you maximum results. You will know when you are overworking your body and when you are slacking off. This is especially significant for people who have heart rate limits when they workout. It has a lot of benefits.

Benefits Of A Heart Rate Monitor

First, you are losing weight at your optimum level, using this device you can tell if an activity is enough to lose the pounds. Second, you can be your own coach, you tend to be more responsible when there is no one else to rely on but yourself. Third, you can utilize your time to its fullest. Fourth, you can safely exercise because you will know when you have exceeded your limit through the monitor. And finally, they are portable and are more often than not, watches too.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Producers

There are many companies producing the best heart rate monitors. Heart rate monitors usually have a strap, but there are those which are strapless too. Heart rate monitors also have GPS even bluetooth. But there is a stiff competition among the heart rate monitor manufacturers around.

Polar is a company that specializes in making gym equipment, and they also have one of the best heart rate monitors. There are polar monitors which are run by battery. Some polar monitors have a strap, others do not have straps. Their monitors are very popular and they are considered to be the best in the business. Their heart rate monitors are a perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality. The only drawback about their products is that they are expensive.

Nevertheless, when you choose your heart rate monitors, you have to know their companies very well. Do not just rely on consumer reviews, check them out for yourself and try to see if you are comfortable with it, check out its features. Have somebody demonstrate it for you, try it on for comfort. Then, you can have the best heart rate monitor your money can buy.


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Heart Rate Monitor: Reviews On The Best

heart rate monitor reviews productsIf you are thinking about buying a heart rate monitor watch, I would suggest that you read a lot of heart rate monitor reviews before you do something impulsive.

Checking out heart rate monitor reviews to see what they have to offer is highly recommended.

2010 Leading Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Timex Heart Rate Monitor

This company has built a good reputation for producing watches, and this reputation also extends to its heart rate monitor line. Their products are a favorite of sports buffs and athletes. They have well-thought of products, that manages to strike a balance between comfort and function. Plus, they are not as expensive as others.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

This is an expensive brand but well worth the money spent. Their heart rate monitors are top of the line, right now, they have the most popular heart rate monitors out there. It also has a great product design. A lot of people are very satisfied with this product.

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

This one comes in a close second to polar heart rate monitors which is no surprise because its functionality is of high quality, its design is flawless, and it is not heavy. It allows you to monitor your overall performance.

Proform Combo Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

This is another amazing product by proform. It has a button sensor technology and a chest belt suitable for most exercise machines. You can monitor and improve your stamina and endurance by using this product as well as check your stress levels.

Mio Heart Rate Monitor

This monitor not only reads the heart rate but also displays the calories you burned during your workout. It also tracks your caloric intake and it is water resistant. It has a weight management program. Plus, it is very simple and easy to use.

Omron Heart Rate Monitor

They only have a small line of products but that is because they began producing heart rate monitors only recently. Nevertheless, their products are worth checking out.

Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor

Their monitors are comfortable and are very accurate. They are also lightweight.

Nike Heart Rate Monitor

Their product line is limited but have one of the highest quality. They are durable and affordable.

Reading Heart Rate Monitor Reviews Can Help You Choose the Best Product in the Market!

So, have fun picking out the heart rate monitor watch you want. Be sure to check out their local stores near you to see for yourself if their products are everything the heart rate monitor reviews have claimed.


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Heart Rate Monitor: To The Beat Of Your Heart

heart rate monitor deviceIf your heart is something that you want to take extra care of, a heart rate monitor is usually recommended for you to get. The heart is an organ of the body which long been associated with feelings. It is probably because whenever we are overwhelmed with emotions, the greatest manifestation of our upheaval is the extraordinary pumping of our hearts, or a feeling of violent constriction, a sort of squeezing, happening to our hearts.

Even if everybody knows that our heart is not the one experiencing the emotions but our brain, we insist on associating feelings with our hearts, which is not a bad thing. But, did you know that our hearts do not only tell us about our emotional state but also of our physical one?

Why Opt to Get a Heart Rate Monitor

Nowadays, people feel the need of a heart rate monitor because, as the name implies, it monitors how fast or how slow your heart is pumping under normal circumstances can help tell whether you have heart problems like a myocardial infarction, more popularly known as a heart attack. Knowing your heart rate and its changes as you do a physical activity can tell others about how well your heart is pumping blood throughtout your body. Heart rates can also tell medical professionals about your stamina levels.

A very long time ago, when people needed to know the heart rate they just looked for pulse points and felt the throbbing of the blood vessel, which is a reflection of the pumping of blood that the heart is doing. This is a primitive way of checking the heart rate, nowadays, we have more innovative and high-tech ways to determine the heart rate.

Since the invention of the electrocardiogram in 1977, many advances have been made making the monitoring of the heart rate more accurate, comprehensive, and yes, even more convenient, simple and easy. Thus portable heart rate monitors were made.

Heart Rate Monitor and the Future

A modern heart rate monitor had two things a chest strap transmitter and a wrist receiver which is also a watch or phone. An evolved form of this has fabric sensors on its strap which transmit the data, using bluetooth, to the receiver.

Heart rate monitors can be used to document training or exercise and can help tell how many calories were burned. Some of the heart rate monitors you should check out is proform, timex, garmin, nike, and polar heart rate monitors, they are know to produce high quality heart rate monitors.

There are many more companies out there who are producing and selling heart rate monitors. You can check them out yourself and decide what you want.


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Proform Treadmill and Other Treadmill Reviews

I’m sure you wandered your way around and ended up here because you are looking for the perfect treadmill. You are probably thinking about buying one, regardless of whether you are a beginner or not, you probably want to know what are your options and what do others think about what they have to offer. On your mark. Get set. Review.

Nordic Track Treadmill

The prices of their treadmills go as low as $599. They provide luxury treadmills that have perks like web browsing and wifi connectivity. The warranty for their motors lasts a lifetime, it also has adjustable cushioning. If you want a treadmill that also provides entertainment value then go for this one.

Proform Treadmill

They are known to be pocket-pleasers. These affordable treadmills now have raised the level of their performance and improved it by leaps and bounds. There are a lot of models for you to choose from, and it has entertainment perks too that will keep you motivated with boredom-crushers like iFit workout programs and internet connectivity.

Weslo Treadmills

These are simple, manually operated treadmills that are vey affordable Weslo treadmills are the most popular manual treadmills out there. While these are the most affordable, it also has a limited warranty and it is not that durable.

Woodway Treadmill

Woodway treadmills are very pricey, costing between $6000-$9000. As expected these treadmills are very durable and are good at absorbing shock. The treadmill doctor implied that it does not have a smooth finish. It also does not have a good fit. Nevertheless, it is an equipment that will last a lifetime.

Sportcraft Treadmill

Their treadmills are very popular because although they are affordable with good quality manufactured equipment. But they have a poor warranty and bad electronic design.

Healthrider Treadmill

The iFit card on their treadmills provide more workouts. Their models also save space because they can be folded, and they have improved their models too. The prices for their treadmills are around $799-$1599.

Horizon Treadmills

These are well-received by consumers. They are priced low and have a stable feel. They have speakers and consoles that are attractive.

Pacemaster Treadmill

These are affordable treadmills that provide high-quality performance. They are low-maintenance and worry-free.

Cybex Treadmill

This is high-quality fitness equipment. Their motor and cushioning is good. They have a wide space for exercising. These are very expensive, having models priced above $6000.

Image Treadmill

These treadmills are very affordable, it has a heart rate monitor and it can be folded. But the power of their motors is insufficient, in comparison to other treadmills in its price point.

Lifestyler Treadmill

These treadmills are popular because its affordable and have been building treadmills for a long time. Their track record speaks for itself.

Star Trac Treadmill

This is THE complete treadmill. It has everything you would want in a treadmill. It also has wonderful customer support. It has top of the line electronics and high incline. Its only weakness is its price. They are luxury treadmills.

Vitamaster Treadmill

These are no longer manufactured. If you want to buy one, it would have to be a second-hand one. It is better not to try a used one because you do not know how safe it is.

Trimline Treadmill

This treadmill has received good reviews from satisfied customers. It also has a good warranty. It has a stable feel but it does not have a lot of extra features to entertain you.

You can definitely find more treadmill companies if you search online, but the above, are the popular.

Running: The Way Of The Treadmill

Cardio exercises are largely dependent on running, walking or jogging, and all of those are normally done outdoors. So, most cardio exercises are done outside the house, and this can be a problem for those who do not have the time. Some people prefer to exercise in their homes because they are not limited by time, weather or the distance of the location from where they are. However, technology has made it possible for these people to get their cardio workout AT HOME.

The most popular and widely used exercise machine at home is probably the treadmill. The treadmill can be motor-driven, allowing the user to digitally control the pace of their workout; or they can control it manually by controlling their pace themselves because they are made of rollers that only move as you take a step.

This exercise might make running even walking less of a challenge as opposed to doing it outdoors but the level of difficulty of this exercise machine can vary by changing its inclination. Treadmills are excellent for beginners because its simple and easily manipulated. Running on a treadmill can become a good training ground for those who need to improve their stamina and their running.

So what are the benefits of using a treadmill?

  1. You do not have to worry about how you look or what outfit to wear. You can wear anything or even nothing at all (Just Kidding!). You do not have to worry about how you look exercising, the workout is just between you and your machine.
  2. Rain, snow or shine you can use the treadmill without worrying about that.
  3. You can also use the treadmill at any given time you wish too, night or day is not an issue.
  4. You can exercise without worrying about getting mugged or attacked.
  5. You can vary the level of difficulty of your running without having to go to another location just by changing the inclination.
  6. A lot of treadmills have a workout program installed in them to help you have a more organized workout.
  7. A lot of treadmills also have built-in counters that tells you how many calories you have lost.
  8. With a treadmill in your house you are more likely to use it.

The reasons enumerated above show that treadmills are great machines for workouts, especially for beginners. And so, this makes the treadmill a great exercise equipment option for you!

Treadmill Reviews For Beginners

Are you looking for exercise equipment that can help you lose weight? Are you considering a treadmill?

Treadmills have long maintained a sterling reputation as a great approach to cardiovascular workouts. In fact, some people consider using the treadmill as the best cardio equipment option. It allows you to do your running or walking right in your home without the unnecessary worry for your protection or how you look to others. It allows you to increase the difficulty of your workout just by changing its inclination, you no longer need to look for a steeper or rougher path. That got you excited, right? Well, before you go and hit the stores read the following reviews based on consumer reports and ratings of treadmills.

Nordic Track Treadmill

The main attraction of this line of treadmills are their extra features like mp3 speakers, wifi connectivity, and web browsers. In 2010 their products amazed everyone with their updates. This is not only an exercise machine but a luxury item.

Horizon Treadmill

They provide affordable, portable and compact treadmills for you to choose from. It also has a port for ipod and it has a built-in workout program.

Proform Treadmill

This is probably the best treadmill for your money. They are most affordable treadmills having the lowest price tag around $599. They have treadmills that have a higher quality standard of construction and many models for you to choose from. Fun extra features like built-in speakers and workout fans are popular options. Just make sure to buy the ones that are recently manufactured because the cheaper ones which are older are not that durable and do not have a good warranty.

Freemotion XTR Treadmills

Freemotion treadmills have a tough construction so they are very durable. It has a reflex deck cushioning which can give you a less straining but effective workout. It has iFit which has specialized workouts just for you. It has inclined trainers, they have a high-incline for a more challenging exercise. It also has a lot of entertainment features but they are very expensive.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture treadmills for you to choose from. However, if you want cheaper treadmills you can try shopping online or looking for a used treadmile on sale. Either way, make sure what you buy is still in a good condition. If you want the best home treadmill, remember to make sure that it can withstand and can provide the kind of strenuous physical activity you want to do. And, make sure it has perks to help you beat boredom.

Battle Of The Exercise Machines: Elliptical vs. Treadmill

Long before, the elliptical trainer came into the picture, the leading home-gym equipment staple for cardiovascular exercises was the treadmill. The treadmill allows you to run, or walk yourself fit inside the comfort of your own home. However, with the advent of the elliptical exercise machine, the treadmill found a tough rival. These products have been competing for the number one spot of the best cardiovascular exercise machine ever since.

I am sure that you are here because you are either thinking of starting your own gym at home or wanting to know which exercise machine will benefit you more. I think what most people are concerned about in comparing these two machines is their ability to burn calories. In other words, which of the two allows you to burn more calories?

I am sure you all think it is the treadmill, right? After all, the treadmill provides more rigor since it does not have a low-impact on the joints like the elliptical has. Based on these, you would gather that the treadmill provides more superior workout than the elliptical. But contrary to what you think, according to research, both exercise equipment can actually burn calories at more or less the same rate. Both are on par with each other, they can both provide a good cardiovascular workout and strengthen your body. So, what then is their difference?

Aside from the glaringly obvious difference in their design, another one of their difference lies in the variety of workout they can provide and the adjustments you are allowed to do to make it suit you more. The treadmill is more of a challenge as a workout machine as opposed to the elliptical because it has high-impact on your limbs. But again I repeat that even though one provides more challenge in terms of endurance, it does not follow that one burns more calorie than the other.

I think what people need to consider more than which one is the better machine in this long battle of ellipticals vs. treadmills is which one is the most suitable for them. For example, if you are a person with leg problems or somebody who is considered to be an aged person, then you shoud use the elliptical. It will not put a lot of strain on your limbs but it won’t compromise the quality of your workout. But if you are a runner, and you need it for training then you definitely need a treadmill. It provides more of a challenge for you; it builds your strength and endurance.

So, which one is best for you? That will depend on your fitness goals. Live well.