Moles On Skin: Beauty Mark 101

moles on skin typesI am sure most of us have an abnormal mass of tissue, moles on skin, or lesion somewhere around our body. They are sometimes colored brown or black, sometimes skin-toned; some are elevated, others are flat. It used to be called a beauty mark, and some people view it as something attractive, others say otherwise, but what’s in a name, right?

These moles on skin are scientifically called melanocytic nevus, also known as nevi. There are different kinds of moles. Moles are caused by genetics and sunlight, and there are types of moles you need to get acquainted with.

Types of Moles on Skin

Junctional, Compound and Intradermal Nevus

These are named according to their location. Junctional nevi found at the intersection of the epithelium and the dermis. It is colored brown to black and flat. On the other hand, compound nevi is a combination of the two other nevi mentioned in this portion; they are either congenital or acquired, and this particular mole is actually what people call a beauty mark. While, an intradermal nevi, is raised and without pigmentation.

Dysplastic Nevus

This is a somewhat controversial mole because it is associated to something dangerous and terminal, and that is, cancer. This mole is somewhat similar to melanoma and could be a symptom of cancer. This is often taken out just to get a proper diagnosis.

Blue Nevus

This might look really strange for some people because it is a mole that’s colored blue. The reason for this is because the pigmentation is scatterred deep in the skin. This does not affect the epidermis, however.

Spitz Nevus

These are usualy found on a child, they are not pigmented but they are elevated and red in color.

Acquired Nevus

These are moles that were not formed upon birth or were absent when the child was born.

Congenital Nevus

These are moles that were present when the child was born.

Giant Pigmented Nevus

As the name suggests, these are big moles that are potentially dangerous because they might have melanoma, and they may also contain hair.

Nevus of Ota

These are found on the skin of your face or shoulder. They are flat and colored brown.

Mongolian Spot

This is common among Asians and is present at birth. These are bluish discoloration of the skin at most Asians’ back.

Recurrent Nevus

These were moles that were not completely removed so they come back, the problem is, it becomes difficult to tell this mole from a melanoma.

Moles on Skin and Cancer Prevention

Regardless of what mole you have, it is important to know how to tell them apart because it might be a symptom of cancer, better yet see a physician for help!


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