Inversion Therapy and Machines

inversion therapy healthInversion therapy is another method of treatment that you just might want to try. Experiencing persistent back pain? Did you try all the medicine available for your condition but it did not work? Are you trying all possible treatments, besides surgery, for your back pain? Are you looking for an alternative to surgery for your back problems? Yep, this kind of therapy might just work for you.

Inversion Therapy – What Is It?

Inversion therapy is an alternative medicine that has no shortage of former back pain suffers proclaiming its effectiveness. As the definition of its name suggests, it requires an individual to hang inverted for therapy. It sounds ridiculous, right? But as funny as the inversion idea seems to you, it is undoubtedly effective. People who have suffered back pain for a long time and, in desperation, resorted to this treatment have found it satisfactory, if not miraculously potent.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Proponents claim that it provides traction and stretching, which relieves pressure off the spine and help it recover. It also helps improve posture because it restores proper alignment of the spine. It also claims to improve flexibility because stretching increases joint spacing. Lastly, it is said to improve blood circulation because gravity acts on it contrarily.

Inversion Machines

There are a few equipment used for inversion. These are the following:

Inversion Boots

These are also called gravity boots. They support the ankle in order to allow the person to hang inverted. People can do crunches or squats upside down using these boots, if they want to exercise while doing therapy. They are said to relieve back pain and headache.

Inversion Chairs

This device gives you more control of your inversion, but it can only allow inversions of 70%. Although since its stable it is beneficial for people who find that inversion tables are painful to the ankles.

Inversion Board

This is also called an inversion table. Perhaps, the most widely used inversion therapy equipment out there. It is similar to an inversion chair except that you lie down on it. It has ankle straps and handles for safety and easy manipulation. To choose the right one for you you better check inversion table reviews.

These are only the general name for all the numerous line of products available out there for you. When you choose consider durability, and easy storage, some of them can be bulky and take up a lot of space. And, don’t forget to consult your physician!


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