Heart Rate Monitor: To The Beat Of Your Heart

heart rate monitor deviceIf your heart is something that you want to take extra care of, a heart rate monitor is usually recommended for you to get. The heart is an organ of the body which long been associated with feelings. It is probably because whenever we are overwhelmed with emotions, the greatest manifestation of our upheaval is the extraordinary pumping of our hearts, or a feeling of violent constriction, a sort of squeezing, happening to our hearts.

Even if everybody knows that our heart is not the one experiencing the emotions but our brain, we insist on associating feelings with our hearts, which is not a bad thing. But, did you know that our hearts do not only tell us about our emotional state but also of our physical one?

Why Opt to Get a Heart Rate Monitor

Nowadays, people feel the need of a heart rate monitor because, as the name implies, it monitors how fast or how slow your heart is pumping under normal circumstances can help tell whether you have heart problems like a myocardial infarction, more popularly known as a heart attack. Knowing your heart rate and its changes as you do a physical activity can tell others about how well your heart is pumping blood throughtout your body. Heart rates can also tell medical professionals about your stamina levels.

A very long time ago, when people needed to know the heart rate they just looked for pulse points and felt the throbbing of the blood vessel, which is a reflection of the pumping of blood that the heart is doing. This is a primitive way of checking the heart rate, nowadays, we have more innovative and high-tech ways to determine the heart rate.

Since the invention of the electrocardiogram in 1977, many advances have been made making the monitoring of the heart rate more accurate, comprehensive, and yes, even more convenient, simple and easy. Thus portable heart rate monitors were made.

Heart Rate Monitor and the Future

A modern heart rate monitor had two things a chest strap transmitter and a wrist receiver which is also a watch or phone. An evolved form of this has fabric sensors on its strap which transmit the data, using bluetooth, to the receiver.

Heart rate monitors can be used to document training or exercise and can help tell how many calories were burned. Some of the heart rate monitors you should check out is proform, timex, garmin, nike, and polar heart rate monitors, they are know to produce high quality heart rate monitors.

There are many more companies out there who are producing and selling heart rate monitors. You can check them out yourself and decide what you want.


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