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The Facts on Tinnitus – And Ways to Stop that Buzzing in Your Ear

Have you experienced that extremely irritating ringing in your ears as if someone struck on a gong next to your ear and the monotonous sound seemed to have stuck on your eardrum? Not nice, right? Well, imagine if it that long beep or ringing in your ears never went away.

The ringing in the ears or tinnitus as it is scientifically called is problem where the ringing in your ears that usually happens for a few seconds or a minute actually never stops. What is more disturbing is that you are the only one who can hear this annoying buzz and no one can relate to what you are going through. Tinnitus is a condition that comes and goes as it like and can actually stay as long as it like. It is a common condition in individuals in ages 40 and above but men usually have tinnitus than the women. The symptoms of tinnitus are simply when you hear a long ringing, buzzing, roaring, clicking, whistling, or hissing in your ears.

What causes tinnitus?

No, the gong cannot cause tinnitus but it can actually give ear damage. And ear damage is mainly the root cause of why you have tinnitus. How does this happen, you ask? Internal ear cell damage can be caused by transmitted sound waves that are caught by broken tiny fragile hairs in our inner ear that gives off a random haywire of sound waves in our brain which in the end causes a ringing in our head or more specifically in our ears. As I’ve mentioned earlier, people in ages 40 and above usually acquire tinnitus.

  • An age-related condition is one of the reasons why tinnitus occurs. So when you are growing old, you will have higher tendency of getting that ringing in your ears.
  • Being exposed to ear-splitting noise all the time can create damage to ears meaning you can say hello to tinnitus even when you are still young.
  • Tinnitus can also occur when you do not clean your ear regularly which causes an earwax blockage in your ears.
  • When there is abnormal bone growth occurring in or near your ears, then there is a possibility that you will get tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus can also be acquired through some diseases or injuries to the neck or head.
  • Some medications like cancer treatment programs and intake of high doses of certain pills can also cause tinnitus.

How do you treat tinnitus?

More often than not, tinnitus cannot be treated. There are some instances that it just stops and it’s gone forever. Tinnitus caused by jetlag is usually that way. There are a few ways and some home remedies you can use to get rid of that ringing in your ears or even prevent tinnitus from happening to you.

  • You can get an earwax removal which I deem is rather effective.
  • You can go through blood vessel condition treatment.
  • Change your medications or health supplement that may actually the reason that triggers tinnitus.
  • Some says acupuncture and even hypnosis works.
  • Avoid loud places or places that appreciate noise pollution.
  • Stop drinking or reduce your intake of alcohol.
  • Keep your stress level controlled.