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Getting Rid of Warts on Hands

warts on hands remediesWhen you’re a model for a skin product, the last thing you want are warts on hands. Actually, the last thing anyone would want is warts. Why is that? Well, let’s just say, not only is having warts embarrassing, but you will be a walking infection.

Warts on Hands – What Are They?

Warts on hands are skin growths that look like moles but are actually not moles. They are generally harmless which somehow fades away in time. And by the way, warts are not cancerous but they are really contagious. Children are most likely prone to getting warts.

Common warts typically grow in groups or single skin growths on any parts of your hands or fingers. Though they usually appear on the hands, there are other parts of your body which warts can also grow such as your feet, your fingernails, and even on your genitals. They can be dark spots on your skin but more often than not they are skin-colored.

Common warts are caused by something which is called the human papillamovirus. Believe me, there is no alternative term for it except for its abbreviation HPV. The human papillamovirus or HPV causes warts because of cells swiftly budding as tiny bumps on the outer layer of your skin.

Removing Warts on Hands

You may be thinking right now “why do I have to bother removing these warts if they will eventually vanish on their own”, right? Well, first of all, I would be embarrassed to be seen with warts. And second, warts are contagious.

Just like what I mentioned earlier, warts are infectious. So if you do not want any one avoiding you because of those rapid skin growths, then I guess you just have to find ways to treat the warts. Getting rid of warts is not an easy process because you may have removed them one day but they might just come back the next day. So here are some effective ways on how to get rid of warts.

  • By freezing or a process called liquid nitrogen therapy. This treatment may be needed to be done repeatedly and you risk of permanently damaging your skin.
  • By using cantharidin which painlessly peels off the warts from your skin but may cause some swelling afterwards.
  • By burning the warts on your skin. I’ve seen this treatment before and they look painful and sometimes the warts still come back.
  • By going through minor surgery to cut off the warts of your skin if none of the abovementioned therapies works.


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