Back Exercises To Alleviate Pain

Have you experienced sacroiliac pain? Or maybe you have had back problems for a long time? You are probably wondering what you can do about it. For one thing, besides the pain relievers, and visits to the doctor you can try, exercising.

WHAT?! I know about back stretches, but exercises for the back?

I know right, when people think of exercise it is usually for targeting areas like arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen, but back strengthening exercises are unheard of. Nevertheless, it does not make it any less true just because you have not heard of it before. Back exercises are important to alleviate the pain in your back. You need to find exercises that will target your back problems. You can find programs that will help you do this. A good program for back pain exercises at home or in a hospital, should have the following:


This works the muscles found on the sides of your body. In a basic row, you will have to move forward at a 45% angle while you hold the dumbbells down. Back must be contracted to pull elbows to the torso.

Pullovers and Flies

This focuses on working the triceps and the chest.

Pullovers work the lats and as well as the chest and triceps. Avoid pullovers, if you have shoulder problems.

Lower Back Exercises

This consists of back stretches. If you have it, you can use an exercise ball as a back stretcher.

Are there other kinds of alternative therapy for the back?

Yes, for example, YOGA.

Yoga Inversion

Inversion is usually done using specialized boots, chair and tables. But, yoga has gone a level up, and it now has yoga for back pain. What is the sequence of a yoga inversion?

1. Head stand

2. Plow pose

3. Shoulder stand

4. Straddle Pose

5. Soles are together like in Baddha Konasana

6. Back to Plow Pose

7. Go to ear-pressure pose – karnapidasana

8. Be in the supine position, get rid of mats you used in the beginning and do a fish pose.

9. Raise legs

10. With palms pressed together bring the arms upwards.

Inversion Therapy

This is a therapeutic method where a person is hung upside down for healing. It has a lot of followers who are satisfied with the healing it provides. It claims to improve posture and blood circulation, but it is most famous for relieving pain and helping your back feel better. Inversion tables are used for this method.

Regardless of what method you choose what is important is that you find the one which is the most suitable to you.