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Chiropractor: Choosing Do’s and Dont’s

Chiropractic, is a word that means “through the hands”. It is an appropriate name for what is now, a controversial alternative medical treatment of musculoskeletal problems, particularly spine-related ones. It is aptly named because so much of what a chiropractic practitioner, a chiropractor, does involves manipulation or adjustment of a patient’s spine and back using their hands. A chiropractor is like a back doctor, he or she has studied extensively about our backs.

However, this kind of treatment has a lot of critics. People believe that it is based on unscientific principles. Critics believe that the risks from chiropractic therapy far outweighs its benefits. They believe that the manipulation of the spine is potentially dangerous. They also point out, that the popping sound that occurs during therapy, which is believed to mean that the spine has been re-aligned, is a result of gases in the cartilage being released during the manipulation, so it does not necessarily mean that the therapy was successful. Finally, they argue that neck manipulation is very risky because the neck vertebrae is very vulnerable to fractures which may lead to paralysis.

On the other hand, chiropractors are not faith healers or illegitimate practitioners of alternative medical therapy. They are trained and earn recognized degrees from specialized medical schools. Also, if your doctor prescribes this therapy for you, it is covered by your health insurance. But, because of some chiropractors, who are unscientific and unethical about their practices, those who are respectable and credible spend a lot of time defending their professions to others.

Then, again, although a lot of people have benefited from this, there are also some cases where a patient acquired serious complications, and even had their lives terminated due to chiropractic therapy. It is not a hit or miss thing because it is not without scientific basis, but the success depends a lot on the chiropractor you get. So, here are some tips to help you choose a chiropractor.

1. Do find a chiropractor who gives conservative treatment for back pain and other musculoskeletal problems. You can ask your physician to recommend one to you.

2. Do recognize that chiropractors who are anchored on scientific principles will combine their treatments with other modalities like ultrasound treatment.

3. Do NOT go for chiropractors who claims they can cure diseases, says you need to have preventive adjustments regularly, discourage scientific treatments and preventive actions, and makes you sign a contract for long treatments.

4. Do NOT rely on a chiropractor for a diagnosis and never consult them unless you have been diagnosed by a reliable physician.

5. Do ask your chiropractor to explain and discuss your therapy with your physician.

However, if you are unsure about a chiropractor, you can still have your own back doctor of sorts by purchasing one of these inversion tables.