Adjustable Dumbbells and Other Dumbbells

adjustable dumbbells equipmentMost people like you are pretty well aware of gym equipment such as treadmills and adjustable dumbbells. Now, let me me ask you a few questions: Through diet and cardiovascular exercises, did you finally shed the extra pounds that persistently clung to your body but now have to deal with sagging skin? Or maybe, you are not fat at all, only flabby and you want your body toned? Or you want to develop your muscles?

You are probably looking for the best equipment out there that can help you overcome this challenge. Thing is, you are looking for something that will not occupy too much space in your home – something simple, easily manipulated but offers a lot of variations, and something affordable.

Based on that criteria, the best home-gym equipment for you might be adjustable dumbbells. I am certain you are already quite familiar with them. But allow me to explain them nonetheless.

Dumbbells are a type of free weight which can be used by pair or individually. They are popularly used by athletes and body builders for muscle development.

Why Choose Adjustable Dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells might prove to be very convenient for you, whether you’re the flexible-type or otherwise. For one thing, dumbbells exercise smaller muscle groups while others target only the bigger ones. It is perfect for toning. Second, you can easily manipulate them so, exercises are performed properly. Athletes prefer dumbbells, so they can focus on a specific muscle necessary for the improvement of their craft.

Third, it boosts your metabolism. Fourth, it reduces the possibility of osteoporosis. Fifth, it bolsters self-esteem. Sixth, your sleeping habits, are improved. Seventh, it delivers quick results without demanding too much time. Lastly, health and well-being is optimized.

Types of Dumbbells

There are actually three main types of dumbells.

Adjustable dumbbells: The weight of these dumbbells can be raised or lowered depending on the preference of the user.

Fixed-weight dumbbells: Their weight cannot be adjusted.

Selectorized dumbbells: Their weight can be adjusted by using a dial or a selector pin on them.

Among the three types of dumbbells, the adjustable dumbell is perhaps the most useful.

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

1. It saves space.

2. You can get a good workout without having too much equipment.

3. Compared to other gym equipment, they are easy to assemble and operate.

4. Money is saved because you only need one set.

5. Time is also saved because time spent moving around and setting up the equipment is minimized.

6. You can exercise both upper and lower body conveniently.

Remember, regardless of what type of dumbbell you used, it important to choose the ones you can handle first, then gradually work up to more challenging weights. Most of all, do not overdo it. An injury will definitely undermine your efforts to get in shape.


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