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Different Ways To Remove Warts

ways to remove warts methodsObvious viral skin infections are annoying and it is only natural that we find ways to remove warts and keep our skin seemingly flawless. Warts are one of those skin conditions that do not cause harm or pain, but are troubling nonetheless.

They persist in remaining on our skin for years until they decide to leave or we deliberately erase their existence on our skin. Getting rid of them is quite difficult, they are kind of like a stain that will not go away. It is a good thing that the advancements in medicine has allowed us to find ways to remove warts.

Ways to Remove Warts and Other Alternative Treatments

Over-the-counter Treatments

These are medications you can easily purchase at your local drugstore. These are basic ointments that commonly contain salicylic acid which is usually placed on an adhesive pad, or is in a solution container. Another example is a caustic pencil which has silver nitrate. Cimitidine can also be used to remove warts.


This treatment involves the use of salicylic adic solution. This is a tedious treatment and needs a lot of patience because one needs to religiously apply salicylic acid on the affected area then, use a pumice or emery board to take away the dead skin. This method is done regularly for at most 12 weeks, if necessary more, so that wart removal is successful.


This method uses a metal device which is heated to remove warts with their heat.


This is done by freezing the warts using a liquid nitrogen, until eventually the warts remove themselves from our skin on their own.

Surgical Curettage

This happens when the warts are removed by scraping or scooping it using a curette.

Laser Treatment

Others get rid of the warts on their, hands or fingers, for example, by using a laser. This is painful and may scar.

Infrared Coagulator

This is similar to the laser, but it is cheaper. This can also give you pain and scars.


Some people inject stimulants for our immune system just so they will have no more warts.


This is based on the belief that skin conditions are greatly affected by the emotional disposition of people. People are hypnotized to treat their skin.

Duct-tape Therapy

This method uses a duct tape, this is something you can actually do at home. You are suppose to place a duct tape on the affected area, leave it there for a few days, then soak it in water, and scrape it off with something like a pumice stone or an emery board.

Don’t Be Hasty – Find Correct Ways to Remove Warts

In closing, whatever method you decide to use to help you in the removal of warts, make sure it is safe and worth it.


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