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Flat Warts: Examples And Cause

flat warts infoA verruca plana is more commonly known as FLAT WARTS. Its proper name sounds like some alien or ancient condition, but to give you an idea, picture this: One fine day, you wake up, and just as you always do every morning, you go to the mirror to affirm yourself and tell yourself you are beautiful, gorgeous and attractive. So you pose here and pose there. Then, just as you were examining your face, you notice a strange pin-head size elevation on your skin. It doesn’t even look like a pimple or an insect bite.

What are Flat Warts?

As previously described, it is a pin-head sized elevation on your skin, usually found on the face or at the back of your hands. These are usually harmless and painless, these are caused by the infection of the superficial skin with the human papillomavirus (HPV). They can remain on your skin for years but they often disappear within 2 years.

Flat warts are often seen on children, and that is why they are sometimes called juvenile warts. Regardless of what name it is called and as harmless as they are, their presence is still an annoying skin condition. Most especially if they appear on a very obvious and easily seen area like the face.

Facial Warts

Flat warts can appear anywhere on your face like on your mouth or lips(often called as oral warts), on your cheeks and any part of your face. You might not know but warts are transferred by contact. For instance, if you used a face towel previously used by a friend or a stranger who is carrying HPV or has warts then, the area where you place that towel on, in this case, the face, will become infected and will have warts.

So, Can Flat Warts Be Removed?

Yes, they can be treated and removed. There are actually various ways, some have had it removed by using a laser, others have opted for medications and topical creams. The thing is, even if you remove them after a while, they will return.

Thus, people need to be careful with their belongings, and with what they put on their body. They must make sure to only use their own things, and not to let people borrow their personal stuff like towels and clothes. Make sure you always wash your hands, and do not touch things carelessly then, put your hands to your face after. Remember, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


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