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Elliptical Reviews: Best Exercise Machine

The elliptical machine is an amazing mixture of a upper and lower body workout with low-impact on the knees and joints. That makes it one of the best exercise equipment options for those who have leg problems and those who are feeling the signs of aging. However, with its popularity and demand, many companies who manufacture exercise machines produced their own line of elliptical bikes. Because of the numerous products to choose from, it can be a daunting task for a first-timer to decide which one they are going to buy. So, to provide help with choosing the most suitable elliptical trainer, I have compiled reviews of select producers of the best elliptical for you to consider.

Proform Elliptical Machines

The product line from this company is suitable for people who are on a tight budget but still want to purchase a decent elliptical bike. The arms bar for the upper body helps burn calories more and gives you a total body workout. Their stride lengths are adjustable to fit different users and help you to target various muscle groups, and tone different sections. It offers more interactive workouts with iFit card readers. It also has state of the art tracking tools for fitness. Its only drawback is that since its affordable and was not made using the finest materials, it is not as durable as its more expensive counterparts.

Nordic Track Elliptical

This is a high-end brand. The inclination of the slope can be changed for better crosstraining. This feature allows you to work different sets of muscle groups and aids in avoiding overtraining, although this is only found in models worth $3000. Their stride lengths can also be improved to increase effectivity of workout. It can be folded to save space. It has speakers for Ipod and MP3 connection.

These two have the best line of elliptical machines, but these are not the only options you have. There are products that cost less than these, but cheaper elliptical trainers are not of good quality; they are not that durable. They will break easily, or they might not be as safe. If you want something you can use for a long-time, better invest in an elliptical exercise machine that is made of the highest quality even if it is significantly more expensive. However, if you can not afford the really pricey products then, choose a relatively high-quality one with a reasonable price.