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Sciatica Treatment and Relief

sciatica treatment remedyYou might consider getting a sciatica treatment if you’re experiencing shooting pain through your lower extremities. You might never know that you have sciatica or sciatic neuritis.

This is a term used to described a set of symptoms resulting from compression or irritation on the spinal nerve root of the sciatic nerve. It causes a sciatic nerve pain that travels through your lower back to your hip and legs. It can be caused by different things like herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, piriformis syndrome, or even aging. It is can be very painful and disturbing. So, what can you do about it?

Sciatica Treatment and Pain Relievers

Usually, sciatica will leave you in time, and the treatment, mostly focuses on medications, and exercises to relieve pain, at first.

A. Sciatica Medication

Those who have sciatica are given medication for pain. The dosage and potency of the medication depends on the severity of pain, for those who are experiencing severe pain narcotics like codeine or morphine are given for relief.

B. Sciatica Exercises

There are actually exercises which can help relieve sciatic nerve pain. These exercises are not only for relieving the pain but also to prevent further occurrence of sciatica. Sciatica exercises focus on the following:

1. Strengthening muscles in the abdomen and back to provide more sturdy support for the back.

2. The cause of the sciatica; setting up an exercise regimen suitable to the cause of sciatica is important to avoid complications.

3. Stretching the hamstring; no matter what the cause is, most sciatica will be eased by doing a hamstring exercise regularly.

4. Properly performing the exercise; inappropriate execution of exercise routine will do little to relieve sciatica.

C. Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica Treatment depends on the cause because sciatica is merely a symptom of an existing medical condition. However, patients can opt for surgical and nonsurgical procedures depending on the diagnosis.

D. Sciatica Self-Care

It is not enough that you do all the things mentioned above, you can also do something on your own to help improve your condition such as:

1. Not sitting unless it is more comfortable.

2. Taking short walks and lying down, intermittently. Make sure to increase your distance as soon as you are able to painlessly.

4. Drinking medications like acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain.

5. Putting a heating pad on the affected area, or taking a warm shower, or placing an ice pack on the painful region.

End That Unbearable Pain with Sciatica Treatment

In closing, treating sciatica is a group effort that requires you, your physician and your therapists to work together. More importantly, most of the effort must actually come from you, otherwise, it is futile. But aside from this you can also try using an inversion table.


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