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Best Ways on How to Improve Eyesight

Eye Doctors Don’t Want YOU Armed With This

Knowledge! 20/20 Vision Can Be Yours!

how to improve eyesight tipsAlmost everyone is having a problem finding out the best ways on how to improve eyesight. Take it from me, having eyesight problem is a bummer and can affect our lives dramatically. We never know which one is effective that is why we usually resort to remedies that actually have a sure shot in improving our visions such as eye glasses and eye contacts.

Try reading this article approximately five feet away from you. Chances are if you have a 20-20 vision, you will be reading this without any difficulty but people who have problems with their vision, just like me, will be hurting our eyes from squinting to much trying to get a better view of this article.

But did you know that we can actually improve vision naturally? That we can actually improve eyesight by ourselves and through our own efforts? Yes, sadly not all people realized that there ways to improve eyesight naturally.

We can naturally improve eyesight because having problems with our vision is not a developed trait. Yes, it is not something we suddenly have because of aging. It is a fact that many old people can still read without glasses. Blurry eyesight or anything that lowers the quality of your vision happens because we learn to do so, in other words problems with our vision is a learned trait.

Why is a problem with eyesight a learned trait?

Simple. We have this fixation in our heads that once we get older, we will eventually be developing poor eyesight, which is actually not true. Poor vision is a learned trait because of our lifestyles. We tend to read in places with poor lighting or look at things closer than we should or even wearing eye glasses actually tends to lead to poorer eyesight because we, individuals with poor vision, depend on it too much.

Tips on How To Improve Eyesight Naturally

You can improve your eyesight naturally through eye exercises. There are several effective and simple eye exercises to improve vision. And I bet you are thinking of something like “are you sure what I need is eye exercises?” or “this article is got to be kidding me.” No, unfortunately for you, I’m telling you the truth.

We “develop” poor eyesight because we put too much strain on our eyes like squinting even if do not need to. These eye exercises are actually the best way, among many other effective alternatives, to naturally fix your eyesight problems. Eye exercises improve vision because they lessen the strain we put on our eyes and will keep our eyes healthy for a pretty long time.

What are these eye exercises to improve vision?

The following eye exercises are the best ways on how to improve eyesight.

  1. Straighten you eyes. When you look at something, look at it with your face actually facing it. Do not look at anything or watch TV with hear tilted or having your head face sideway while looking at something on the other direction because this will strain your eyes risking yourself having poorer vision.
  2. Improve your eye focus. Stare at something at a proper distance for at least half a minute every hour. This improves your focus on objects that are far from you.
  3. Increase blood circulation. To increase the blood circulation between your eyes and your head, you have to do some eye exercise that requires the use of your head. Try nodding your head but you have to look at the ceiling when you nod up and then look at your feet next when you nod down. Do this for a maximum of 100 times a day.

Other Ways on How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

Aside from eye exercises, there are other effective ways to improve eyesight naturally and the following are:

  1. Stop wearing eye glasses or eye contacts. If you still can’t do so, refrain from using it as much as you can.
  2. Take some bilberry extracts because bilberries are actually one of the few most natural things in the world that can improve eyesight. Carrots does not improve your eyesight, it only keeps your eyes healthy.
  3. Avoid foods that are high in sugar. Sugar causes poor vision.
  4. Improve hand and eye coordination. There are a lot of activities that requires hand and eye coordination, so try that out to improve your eyesight.
  5. Keep a healthy diet. Simple, if you’re straining your body too much because you can’t keep it healthy, your eyesight will be affected as well.


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