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Home Remedies for Kidney Stone Pain Relief

treat kidney stones remediesWhen I was little, my mom had to go under the knife because she needed to treat kidney stones in her body. I actually did not understand the essence of that surgery at that time. But hey, I got to see the stone placed inside one of those plastic containers you find in hospitals. Later did I realize how serious a kidney stone can affect your body.

What is a kidney stone?

Kidney stones are small pebble-like matters that are made of minerals and salts in the urine. They differ in sizes and that is where the complication and risks start. Tiny kidney stones can easily pass through the ureter and cause no fuss but when kidney stones that are as large an egg forms in your urinary system, then we have a problem.

What causes kidney stones?

Kidney stones are caused by the abnormal balance of water, salts, and minerals formed inside your urine. Apparently, it is caused by not drinking enough water to cleanse the body and as well as the urine. Kidney stones are also sometimes a result of a genetic medical history.

Prevent Them Before You Have to Treat Kidney Stones!

There are a lot of ways on how to prevent kidney stones forming inside your urine but one of the most effective ways is to drink plenty of water. Yes, water helps a lot because it cleans your system which somehow keeps the balance of salts, water, and minerals in your urinary system in a safe track. Another few ways to prevent kidney stones, aside from drinking six to eight glasses of water everyday, are:

  • Keeping a diet low in salts and animal protein. This diet helps reduce the risk of you having kidney stones.
  • Eat food rich in calcium. Any food that is rich in calcium keeps you from getting kidney stones but take note that food rich in calcium is different from calcium supplements.

How To Treat Kidney Stones

Because kidney stones are unpredictable and you won’t know they are there unless you feel some pain in your kidney or get a scan, kidney stones are usually treated through surgeries. And chances are, even after you get the kidney stones out of your system, you will still get them.

To treat kidney stones, you only have to undergo a home remedy that mainly consist of drinking of plenty of water so as not to dehydrate yourself and a regular dose of pain killers. This is because small kidney stones can just pass out of your body through your urine. Some home remedies for kidney stones also consist of drinking tea, lemon juice, or orange juice. This is because these specific beverages lessen the risk of having kidney stones.

But on the other hand, there are different procedures to handle large kidney stones. Thanks to medical technologies, large kidney stones can be removed by using sound waves to break up the kidney stones, surgery, or even through the use of a scope to remove the stone from the ureter or the kidney.


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