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Natural Hair Loss Cure and Home Remedy Treatments

Give Your Brush, Comb, And Sink Drain A Break. Discover How To Regrow Your Hair Today!

Our hair is our asset. It’s like our crown. People who love their hair would not want anything to do with hair loss. But what can we do about hair loss? It seems like hair loss is a natural phenomenon. And that it all eventually happens to us, right? Wrong.

Hair loss begins with the few extra hairs falling off on your bathroom floor or few extra hairs clinging to your hairbrush, which unfortunately will lead to a bald spot on your scalp. And I know that women and men alike would want anything to do with baldness or a bald spot. It’s just not alluring and somehow makes us lose confidence, right?

What causes hair loss?

There are actually a lot of things that can cause hair loss. Hair loss can be genetic or it can be simply caused by bad diet or a bad habit like absent-mindedly pulling out strands of hair occasionally. Here are some reasons why hair loss occurs.

  • There comes a time when the time of growth of your hair shortens and somehow your hair does are not as healthy as it used to be anymore. This cause is called pattern baldness and is usually associated with hereditary.
  • Hair loss can be triggered when the normal growth of your hair cycle has been disturbed or changed due to emotional or physical trauma.
  • And I know how much you love styling your hair but sad to say too much pulling of the hair causes scarring in your scalp and can actually lead to hair loss. But this kind of scarring is temporary and hair will grow back as you as stop pulling your hair.
  • Cicatricial alopecia on the other hand is a scarring that causes permanent hair loss because there because of inflammations that stops new hair to grow. This usually occurs with people with skin problems.
  • A poor diet can lead to hair loss as well because your body lacks the proper sustenance and that bars healthy hair growth.
  • Medications or other medical treatments can be a cause of hair loss. It’s own of the downsides of taking up some medications just so you can be healed such as going through chemotherapy.
  • A trip to the salon every now and then is okay but bear in mind hair treatments can cause hair loss because sometimes overdoing your hair rituals (like dying, bleaching, etc.) can cause damage to hair instead of keeping it healthy.

Is there hair loss treatment?

Yes, thanks to our medical geniuses right now, hair loss can actually be treated. There are a lot of ways and remedies to regrow hair.

  • You can take some medications that cause your hair to grow back and stop hair loss as well. But you’d have to refer to doctor first on this because if your hair loss is genetic then the chances are your hair will never grow back.
  • You can also go through a surgery such as hair transplant and scalp reduction if you really want your hair back.
  • And the easiest way to cover hair loss is to use hair wigs. It will be less expensive, too.