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Losing Weight After Pregnancy

losing weight after pregnancy tipsAfter doing tons of research on the Internet, consulting with our nutritionist and watching the best weight loss video made by Dan and Isabelle, it was all clear that losing weight after pregnancy was not an overnight achievement but instead this is what my wife followed for the next couple of months before she got her weight back.

All throughout my wife’s pregnancy, she gained weight like crazy – she was only at 100lbs before she got pregnant and before she delivered the baby, she was at 130lbs. When she gave birth to my whopping 8lb baby girl, she knew she had to lose 22lbs again because her current weight was just too unhealthy for her to keep after pregnancy.

Losing Weight After Pregnancy The Natural Way

Our nutritionist and her OB-GYN said that every woman’s bound to lose weight naturally after pregnancy. Medically speaking, a woman can lose up to 10 lbs or 4.5kg after giving birth since this is the weight attributed by the baby inside the womb, the amniotic fluid content and the placenta. Additional weight is also lost since a woman’s body will try to shed some retained prenatal fluids acquired during pregnancy. Over the first week after giving birth, a woman can lose as much as 20lbs because of the constant activity that she needs to be doing in taking care of their baby and her uterus will automatically adjust to its pre-pregnancy state four weeks after giving birth. Take note the fat attained during pregnancy are never lost.

Losing Weight After Pregnancy Normally

In order to burn out those excess fat acquired during pregnancy, a woman will need to introduce a healthier menu into her diet and a fitness program. My wife ate fruits and vegetables during the first 2 months of recovery and she dropped the excess weight fast. I also made it a point to remind her to go jog in the morning for 30 minutes to keep the blood pumping and fat burning. On another side note, child-rearing activities can burn an average of 500 calories a day so this is already an added bonus for mothers looking to lose weight after pregnancy.

My wife never touched a single dietary product for losing weight after pregnancy. All it took was a healthy diet and a light jog every morning. If you want more activity, then Dan and Isabelle’s video has great weight loss info for women and men. Check it out!


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