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Weight Loss Tips for Women

weight loss tips for women dietOne of the hot topics in women’s circles nowadays are more often on weight loss tips for women. Women actually have more difficulty losing weight than men because of their naturally low metabolism, natural fat content and pregnancy can cause huge weight gains. But it’s not impossible for women to lose weight.

Four Realistic and Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women

  1. Keep your goals and methods REAL – Whatever you do, do not follow any form of diet endorsed by celebrities in magazines because they’re very misleading and 9 out of 10 fitness articles found in these magazines never work. You’re better off asking a qualified fitness expert to get the results you need.
  2. Keep it at a minimum – You need to watch what you eat when you want to lose weight. The intensity of your workout will never matter as long as you eat badly. Cut out alcohol, artificial sugars and complex carbohydrates out of your menu and stick to the healthier food like fruits, vegetables, lean meat like tuna, nuts, seeds, fiber and so on.
  3. Say no to artificial sweeteners – People who say artificial sweeteners are better than sugar are wrong; at least on a fitness point of view. Sugar-free products are misleading because they’re replaced something more fattening than sugar.
  4. Hit the weights and add more muscle– It’s a very common misconception that women will grow bulky when doing some weight lifting. Males have testosterone which contributes to muscle development, hence the invention of steroids. But females have estrogen which doesn’t do a thing for muscle development. When women hit the weights, they build muscle but on a different rate; women grow leaner the more they work out while men grow bulkier. Try doing a search for women doing intense lifting on Youtube and you’ll be shocked at what they’re able to do.

Read Weight Loss Tips for Women and Stay Fit

These 4 realistic weight loss tips for women are just what you need to help you lose the weight. By staying active and eating healthy, you can lose weight in months and change jean sizes in a year. If you want a more creative weight loss approach, do what Isabelle and Dan do by watching their weight loss video; their materials are the best I’ve seen in years.


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